Est. since 1987


The Gardens Nursery, established in 1987, is owned and run by Sarah Bokaie and her team of qualified and experienced staff. The nursery offers children a varied and fun filled day, within a structured, safe and secure, environment.

We provide full-time daycare where children enjoy learning through play. The Nursery is open from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year for children between the ages of 9 months and 5 years old.  Children over the age of
2/2½ years benefit from a nursery school routine during term time (38 weeks a year) and more informal sessions during the holidays. This will ensure they enjoy a varied curriculum throughout the year and also have lots of fun.


We have an eco friendly ethos at Nursery. The Gardens Childcare philosophy is to use organic, ethically sourced products and support good animal welfare. From our cleaning products, nappies and wipes to the cotton wool and the lotion we use on your child’s skin, our aim is to provide a clean, healthy and nurturing environment from the day your child walks through the door of The Gardens.


We believe in providing well balanced, healthy and nutritious meals for all our Nursery children. Our fresh, delicious food is cooked daily by our fantastic cooks here at the Nursery. We provide your child with a cooked breakfast, mid-morning snack, cooked lunch, mid-afternoon snack, cooked supper and a late snack.  As one parent put it so brilliantly, 'Flourish & Nourish' really is at the heart of our business, so everything on our menus is organic (99%), free range and homemade from scratch (even the ketchup) - as well as being sugar, salt and nut free. We are very keen to support good animal welfare so all our meat, fish, eggs and dairy products are organic and free range. We cater for all children's dietary requirements and intolerances, as well as specific religious needs. Our cooks are well versed in these varying diets and are experienced in removing or substituting ingredients that may not be suitable for that particular child.

Throughout the year different themes are introduced (e.g. dinosaurs, the seaside, farm animals) incorporating colour, shape, number and letter recognition. During the week the children participate in a variety of activities including Mandarin, ballet, music, singing, French, cooking, tennis,  sports and lots of messy play with sand & water, play-dough & clay, and paint & glue.

The children enjoy visits to the local park and outings to a variety of destinations such as farms visits, nature trips and fruit picking. One afternoon a week the older nursery children bring a packed lunch as part of pre-school preparations. These sessions are more work based and include a simple reading scheme.

Throughout the year parents are invited to lots of social occasions such as coffee mornings, sports day, concerts, plays and fund raising activities.